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Affordable Water Softeners in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City, Auburndale, & Valrico 

Get the only water softening system made in the USA by the largest and longest standing water treatment manufacturer with excellent warranties, and professional installation & service!

At any given moment, hardness minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) may be slowly building up in your home on everything your water touches.

This includes your water heater, your dishwasher, your faucets, and even your skin…

It doesn’t matter if your water is from a well, or from the city supply, most homes in the US have hard water.

Few people know, but you can only remove hardness minerals from your water through ion exchange, which is what a water softener does.

Water filters are built to remove other contaminants, but not hardness minerals…

A WaterCare Water Softener softens all the water coming into your home before it has a chance to enter your appliances.

Hague Watermax softener

WaterCare CareSoft Elite RC® Softener

Here’s what you can expect from a WaterCare whole house water softener:

  • Removes hardness minerals and sediment that make your skin dry and prematurely age your expensive appliances

  • Removes chlorine taste and odor by filtering your water with a built in coconut-shell carbon filter

  • Eliminates spots on silverware, glasses and dishes

  • Prevents scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water using appliances

  • Customizable to meet additional water treatment needs you may have

Financing and Rental options available!

How do you know if you have hard water?

washing machine element damaged by hard water

This is a washing machine heating element that’s been exposed to hard water

Here are some telltale signs…

  1. Your skin is dry and itchy and your hair is dull
  2. Your drinking glasses & stemware come out of the dishwasher with spots
  3. Your faucets and fixtures have a crust that’s hard to remove
  4. Your water heater takes forever to heat up, or you’ve prematurely had to replace or repair it
  5. Your whites are more like 50 shades of gray and your brights have lost their luster

What are the Benefits of Soft Water?

Softer Skin & Hair

Hard water minerals bond with skin and hair leaving a nasty film. Kind of like that limescale on your faucet! A Hague water softener removes hardness minerals naturally so you can stop spending money on lotions & skincare products as your body becomes free of buildup!

Extend Appliance Life

Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters (tankless, electric, & gas), ice makers, boiler systems, & humidifiers all suffer when your water contains hardness minerals. Their useful life may be greatly reduced because they are not designed to endure hard water.

It Can Pay for Itself

You can save up to 75% on cleaning products, as they are more effective and less are needed. You can also save up to 40% on energy costs related to your water-using appliances, and plus they last longer. Its harder to estimate the amount of savings you get when you no longer have to waste time scrubbing that scale off your shower doors, faucets, fixtures, dishes, & glassware.

No Hassle, No Obligation

Features of WaterCare water softeners

Efficient Design – Saves up to 50% on salt use and and uses up to 80% less water in the regeneration cycle compared to some other brands of softener.

Patented Features – custom engineered baffle maximizes efficiency and the vacuum packed resin provides maximum power in a small space.

Easy Management – Computerized, fully customizable controls and a built-in, self cleaning filter (no filter replacements).

Plus many other features are available based on the model you choose…


Hague Watermax water softener diagram

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Made in the USA & backed by excellent warranties for equipment.

made in the usa

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shawn shawn
shawn shawn
12:52 20 Sep 23
From start to finish a great experience. Carla, Luis, and Manny were... friendly and knowledgeable. I never felt pressured to buy anything. Luis came to my home, tested the water, and provided the options to solve my iron and hard water problem. No sales gimmicks or pressure to buy. Manny came out a few days later and installed my system. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the install. Businesses in general have forgotten the importance of good customer service but not Branch Water. I highly recommend them and no I did not receive any compensation for this review. Good service deserves a good more
Moe Saadi
Moe Saadi
13:48 19 Sep 23
Amazing customer service all from the initial scheduling to the... installation.The person who scheduled my testing appointment was very nice and followed up with a reminder the day before. The guy who came to test the waters and select the right equipment for me was very knowledgeable and helped me pick the right equipment without any pressure. Mani was the guy who did the installation, was amazing, very respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly. He did a great job and made sure to clean after himself and tested everything before he left to ensure everything is good to go.Very very satisfied with the service and the entire process as a whole. And the price was pretty reasonable compared to three other companies that I looked at in the Davenport more
Peggy Fye
Peggy Fye
23:00 12 Sep 23
Awesome Business would highly recommend to anyone...Loved dealing with... Luis, Manny and Carla...Very good at explaining the system you are purchasing and answering any questions you have.Thank you again for the excellent more
Rion Stephenson
Rion Stephenson
16:43 12 Sep 23
Had a cracked tank in a water softener and left a message on a Saturday... for help. Received a prompt phone call from Mike the owner which talked me through a shut off. Then on Monday Carla called early and set up a time for Manny to come out. Manny was superb at getting the bad unit out quickly. I trust this company to respond quickly and do excellent work at a fair more
Glenn Naslund
Glenn Naslund
17:22 05 Sep 23
Very good experience, Josh excellent installer. Great product will save me... a lot of money. In the long run, I did my calculations no more purchasing purified water. For drinking And the water softener removed the hardness, the calcium in the chlorine. Very satisfied in happy with the end results highly recommend.Carla and staff. Were all very pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. Great overall experience and satisfied customer. The system will more than pay for itself in the long run. Glenn Naslundread more
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez
19:28 24 Aug 23
Great company with awesome staff. Manny was our installer. He was very... professional and did an excellent job installing the water softener. Highly more
Yaritza Alicea
Yaritza Alicea
19:29 11 Aug 23
Mr.Manuel was very professional with a service call for our water... softener. He is very nice and listens to you carefully. I will recommend him more
Mary Ross
Mary Ross
15:54 10 Aug 23
Branchwater has been servicing my system since I bought my home in 2018.... There’s two employees there that stand out in my opinion.The Office girl, who has always been pleasant to deal with, and makes sure that things get taken care of.And then there is Josh, he is one of there fieldworkers, He goes above and beyond to make sure that the system is running properly, he is very Knowledgeable and respectful, And not out to screw the customer.I have learned a lot from him, he allows me to ask questions, and takes the time to explain and teach me.I hope that Branchwater appreciates Josh as much as I, and probably many of your other customers more
Maureen Miller
Maureen Miller
21:26 02 Aug 23
I’m Very pleased with Joshua’s annual maintenance today. He is always... pleasant, knowledgeable, as he has been for all the many years he has serviced my system. Great to have him come to my more
Dorothy Wieber
Dorothy Wieber
19:49 28 Jul 23
Josh did an excellent professonal job. Great personality and explained... everything we need to know thoroughly......thank more
Stanley Livingston
Stanley Livingston
13:14 28 Jul 23
The service worker was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable,... caring, patient, and kind. The service was above and beyond what I expected! I’m very satisfied!! 5 out of 5 stars!!read more
Kevin Fecteau
Kevin Fecteau
17:04 11 Jul 23
I had a difficult time trying to get a company to come out and service my... Hague water softener. Finally, a company actually responded and when Joshua Soper showed up, he was very professional and walked me through possible issues and the computer. I will be getting my unit serviced by Branch Water now. The last company was bought out and no longer services my area. He was not pushy and did not try to sell me a new unit. I was expecting that since my unit is about 18 years old. I will be calling Branch when this unit does go out. The customer service on the phone was professional too. I highly recommend more
Nancy Peterson
Nancy Peterson
18:15 13 Jun 23
We had Branch water come out to do an install and the man they sent was... awesome! Manny did such a great job and was neat, tidy and very courteous! Qualities that are becoming rare in service men anymore. Will definitely call them again the next time I need something!read more
Florabelle Arambulo
Florabelle Arambulo
01:37 08 Jun 23
Manny installed our new whole house filter. He is very professional, he is... on time, very friendly and answered all our questions. He even cleaned up everything. Very satisfied costumer here. Thank you so more
Kathy Scianna
Kathy Scianna
17:33 05 Jun 23
We truly had the best experience with this company! They keep on top of... things and actually call you back! Everyone was very courteous and helpful, and our technician Manny was truly the best! He was extremely knowledgeable, and very, very kind! Would recommend them to anyone!read more
Pippa Bianco
Pippa Bianco
13:34 07 Apr 23
What great service we got from Branch Water. From the first call we have... been so pleased with the customer service and installation. Stephanie, Carla and Josh are a great representation of the company. We would definitely recommend this more
Kyle Worden
Kyle Worden
22:40 05 Apr 23
The tech was knowledgeable and quick to repair the issue. Quick response... time as well!!!read more
Jim Shaw
Jim Shaw
19:28 22 Mar 23
My wife was wanting a water softener went to Lowe's they turn me over to... Branch water spoke to Mike and he showed me what water softener I needed,Carla called me for an appointment to have it installed we had it installed and working on Wednesday thanks to Manny did a very excellent job installing it,it's great company thank you guys very more
Vernard Robertson
Vernard Robertson
16:49 01 Mar 23
Manning is "The Man"!!! His professionalism/integrity is a tribute to the... outstanding work/installation we received. Thank you, Mr. Manning and Branch Water. 👏read more
Anthony Caron
Anthony Caron
00:13 11 Feb 23
Today I had Branch Water install a home filtration system. My first... contact was with Stephanie. She explained the pricing and how the different systems measured up. She was very professional friendly and very knowledgeable. So today my installer Manny showed up. He was very knowledgeable courteous and extremely customer oriented. Manny was amazing. It has only been installed today but I could not be happier with the total service experience Branch Water provides. Manny,Thank You for a Job well done.Anthony CaronDavenport Flread more
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Frequent Questions

How do I choose a water softener?

Softeners aren’t one size fits all. That’s where we can start to help you. Based on the size of your household and your typical water usage, we can determine which softener size you’ll need.

Sizing is an important step, as it ensures there is enough capacity to handle your needs  and not so much capacity that it creates waste.

From there, you can choose additional features to make your life easier or to meet additional water treatment needs based on the results of your water test.

How much does a water softener cost?

This will depend on the size, features, and your particular installation. The best way to get pricing is to call so that you can get it properly sized.

Pricing includes the new equipment, the installation and proper setup, so that it meets your expectations.

A water softener can potentially pay for itself over time with savings on detergents, soaps, and cleaning supplies, reductions in energy usage and the extended life of your water-using appliances. Water heaters tend to suffer the most in hard water, and they are expensive to replace.

Why not just buy a softener from a big box store or online retailer?

Big box stores sell softeners that are made with lower quality parts to reduce the price, even if you get name brand.

You will still have to hire a local plumber to do the install, unless you are quite knowledgeable in plumbing.

It can be difficult to get any warranty work done from a big box store, and often there is no warranty from online retailers.

In either case, you will usually just get referred to a local plumber who may not necessarily have knowledge of your specific equipment.

So essentially you are on your own once it reaches your house.

What are the next steps?

First, you can send us your contact info through one of the forms on this page, or give us a call directly.

Next, and not to be skipped, is the all-important water test. We test your water (free of charge), if everything looks good, we can leave it at that.

Otherwise, if the test reveals a problem or if you’re concerned about your water, we ask you a few questions and answer yours to help you get what you expect from your water.

If you’re satisfied with our recommendations, we schedule a convenient time to come out and install & set up your new water softening equipment.

What is covered by the Warranty?

This depends on the model and features you get.

To keep it simple, it’s best just to ask us when you are choosing your softener.

How do I maintain my softener?

The wonderful benefit of working with a reputable local water treatment company is that we’re here to help you maintain your system for years to come.

You can schedule a salt delivery with us as well as routine maintenance and filter changes if and when necessary. We’ll even deliver the salt and fill your softener for you.

Frequency of salt refill really depends on your household’s water usage and the efficiency of the softener (Hague water softeners are extremely efficient). In an average household, a softener can go 2 to 4 months on a refill.

What happens if I need help with my softener?

Just give us a call, our direct number is here on this page and most of the pages of our site. You will reach a local technician who can answer your questions, or you will be able to schedule us to come out and help.

Why should I choose to work with you?

Because we care. Try and get that from an online retailer or a big box store.

We would be proud to be your trusted advisor and go-to for your water treatment needs, to keep you and your family healthy and happy.

Still Have Questions?

Just fill in the form below, and we’ll get right back to you.

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We are a local, trusted business that sells, installs, and maintains equipment made in the USA. We are not a large corporation. We exist to serve our local community.

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